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Export Import Business In France

France is one of the strongest European economies. This is proven partly by the fact that it is ranked as the fifth largest economy by nominal GDP and partly by the high standard of living in France. It is a member of the G8 group of leading industrial nations of the world. It is also part of the European Union and the Euro is used throughout the country at all levels.

The economy of the country relies heavily on privately owned enterprises but it also has large government holdings. The government owns major stakes in key sectors like banking, railway, electricity and telecommunications. However, ever since the early 1990s, the government of France has been slowly giving up its holds on these sectors. It has been selling off its stakes in the telecommunications sector and also in the aeronautical sector. The aerospace industry in France is a very important one. It builds some of the best airplanes (both combat and commercial) in the world. France even has its own national spaceport.

In the import export area, France is a really lucrative market. According to an estimate by OECD in 2004, France is the fifth-largest exporter and the fourth-largest importer of manufactured goods. That should give you a good idea of the volume of trade in the country. In 2003, France was the second-largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment and that is a very important point to be noted. This shows that the French market is a very stable one and one that attracts a lot of investors.

As an import export businessman, you have to find out your own niche within the French market. Importing goods to the French market is always a profitable proposition but you have to face a lot of competition from the existing businessmen.

France has strict standards regulating the import of items and you have to go through some specific regulations to successfully register as an importer. However, once you are in the field, you can be as active as you want. France has a large requirement of raw materials for the huge manufacturing industry. It also needs precision tools for many of the high-end item manufacturing industries. These are areas where an import business can generate a lot of revenues.

Exporting items from France is also another lucrative proposition. To be a successful exporter you have to know where to sell your products. France is a trusted source of many important items like fighter jets and a variety of manufactured items. In this case you are most likely to find a good buyer amongst the other European and neighboring countries. However, you may also find an eager market waiting for you in Asia. Asian countries import most of their hi-tech equipment and vehicles. The US is not a good idea because they manufacture their own items in most cases.

Thus exporting and importing in France can be a very profitable exercise, one where you can make a lot of profit.
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